Her er menyene i den gastronomiske uka 2016, de er på englesk også

Her er menyene i den gastronomiske uka 2016, de er på englesk også

Mostra 2016

Menús Semana Gastronómica Villajoyosa 2016

Restaurante Ca Marta

Black olive sponge cake with salt-cured fish and olive oil
Tuna in cider pickle, pistachio vinaigrette and grammy smith
Langoustine with tomato tartar, mango and cured iberian ham
Creamy rice with broad beans, artichokes, spring garlic, monkfish and «black garlic » all i oli
Sea bass with seaweed romescu sauce, seaweed salad and seafood

« Clavileño » chocolate, nougat and citrics

Drinks and coffee
Bombones de autor Valor
Mini tableta (chocolate) Marcos Tonda

Wines :
Blanco D.O. Alicante
Tinto D.O. Alicante

39€ (drinks included)

Restaurante “Club Náutico”

A la “arribada” a puerto empezaremos con un…
Foie de rape con rizos de espárragos silvestres y virutas de mojama
(Monkfish foie with wild asparagus and thinly sliced “mojama” (salt-cured tuna)
Fondeamos, plegamos velas y echamos ancla
Tartar de tomate con capellán en tres texturas
(Tomato tartare with three textures of dried-salted fish)
Brazo de pulpo a la parrilla en colchón de hortalizas en juliana con all i oli de pimentón
(Grilled octopus with vegetables in julienne strips and paprila “all i oli”)
“Peixet i quisquilleta” en tempura
(“Fish and shrimps” in tempura)
Aseguramos cabos y seguimos con un
Arroz con sepia, alcachofas y habitas con ajetes frescos
(Rice with cuttlefish, artichokes and broad beans with spring garlic)
Levamos ancla y zarpamos con un
Parfait de chocolate al café con quenelle de “mantecao”
(Chocolate parfatit with coffee with “mantecao” quenelle
Café / brew
Coffee / brew
Bombones de autor “Valor”
Mini tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

White wine Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay
Red wine Tarima Monastrell
Tarima Espumoso Sparkling Moscatel


Restaurante “El Drago”

Tender green sprouts salad, mezclum, on seafood brandade with quince vinaigrette

Monkfish and prawn ravioli on “carabinero” (scarlet shrimp) sauce

Mini burger in garlic and squid ink black bread (Grouper, prawn, onion and pine nuts)

 Mediodía (LUNCH)

Meloso* rice with squid, red prawn and “tirabeques” green beans
*creamy and al-dente without using cheese

 Noche (DINNER)

Hake loin in tempura on “musola” (fish) cream soup and pomegranate with sesame oil


Tiramisu Drago 2016

Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini tablet “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

(wines and drinks)

Laderas del seque tinto (monastrell, syrah)
Cesilia blanc (moscatel, malvasía)

Water, beer, soft-drinks


35€ (IVA included)

Restaurante “El Nàutic”

Shrimps crispy fritters
Monkfish and red prawn small sándwich with oporto caramel
Anchovy with roasted tomato, “manchego” cheese crunchy
and “cabrales” blue cheese warm soup
Grilled octopus with pureed vegetable soup, pimentón de la vera
(smoked sweet paprika) and crunchy of iberian ham
“Gallineta” (fish) and potatoe stew with crispy vegetables

Nardo y Vilero with “Clavileño” chocolate
Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café de “Chocolates Pérez”
White and red wine D.O. Alicante

Drinks and coffee

30€ (drinks included)

Hogar del Pescador

Traditional vermouth and “salmuera” (pickles/brine)

Shrimp and langoustine Ceviche

Red prawn on crunchy and “ajoblanco” soup

Squid burguer, tartar sauce and black bread.

Fish brochette (monkfish, hake and red mullet)

Meloso* rice (octopus, potatoe and “all I oli” foam) (LUNCH)

*creamy and al-dente without using cheese

John Dory/Peter’s fish (DINNER)


Citrics sponge cake, creamy white chocolate pudding and biscuit crunchy
Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini tablet “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”


Tinto Juan Gil 4 meses barrica
Blanco Juan Gil
Water, beer


Sinfonía de Pericana

(Dried pepper, Roasted cod, thin slivers of “mojama” and Arbequina olive oil)

Mariscada de Miramar

(Langoustines, prawns, boiled shrimps and white prawn from La Vila Joiosa Fish Market)

Red tuna tartare with guacamole and soya

Cylinder of steamed hake with spinach cream and seafood

Meloso* rice with cuttlefish, artichokes and broad beans
*creamy and al-dente without using cheese

Homemade Desserts with “Clavileño” chocolate

Nardo Vilero 16

Bombones de autor “Valor”

Mini tablet “Marcos Tonda”

Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

36€ (Drinks included)

Restaurante Taverna “El Pòsit”

Mussola (fish) and artichoke flatbread/ filled pastry with a touch of licorice

Anchovy with tender onion and fondillón (wine)

Lemon sponge with white prawn and tomato “churros”

Mediterranean ceviche with grapefruit slush

Cornetto with stew foam, soya and “bacallaret” (cod)

Monkfish “taco” with its keemche juices and vegetables

Crispi and creamy egg with “fessols amb oli” (local stew)

Cuttlefish rice cooked with tubers

Hake with its citrics consommé and onion touched with

Cocktail chocolatada. “Vilero chocolate textures with coconut and lime”
Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini Tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

Drinks included:

Vinos de Alicante (wines)
Cervezas artesanas de Alicante (Handmade beer)
Vermut alicantino

32€ (IVA included)

Restaurante Casa Elordi

Producto, Técnica, Sentimiento
(Product, Technique, Feeling)


Bacaladilla, Galera, Cereza, Sepia
(Blue whiting, “Galera” (seafood), Cherry, Cuttlefish)


Salazones, Brotes, “gorguillou”
(Salt-cured fish, Sprouts, “gorguillou”)

Musola, calabaza, boniato, alficoz, estragón
(Dogfish, pumpkin, sweet potato, alficoz cucumber, tarragon)

Esmorzaret 2016

Salmonete, gin tonic, macadamia, fresitas
(Red mullet, gin tonic, macadamia, strawberries)

Naranja, chocolate “Clavileño”, turrón
(Orange, Clavileño chocolate, nougat)

Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini Tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

42€ (Drinks not included)

Restaurante Emperador


Blanquet de mar, emulsión de lechuga de mar
(Seafood sausage, sea lettuce emulsion)

Distintos tomates, arena de aceitunas y salazones
(Assortment of tomatoes, olives and dried cured fish sand)

Gamba roja fría en roca a punto de sal
(Cold red prawn perfectly salted)

Calamar,huevas, su guiso y tinta
(Squid, roes, its stew and ink)

Filete de San Pedro sobre fideos de mariscos
(John Dory/Peter’s fish fillet and seafood noodles)


Capuccina de Chocolate Valor y calabaza
(Valor chocolate capuccina and pumpkin)

Nardo 2016
Bombones de Autor Valor
Mini Tableta “Marcos Tonda)
Porciones de chocolate con café (Chocolates Pérez)

45 € (drinks not included)

Restaurante Zerca

Wellcome with … “Vermouth, moixina and capellà (dried fish)

A different appetizer … Rice bread with prawns and vegetables crudités roll

A vegetables “duo”… Pumpkin and peas with cuttlefish

Simply different … Roasted mackerel in a banana leave

The simplicity … Brined sardine salad

A little bit of rice … Conger rice (fish rice)

A sweet ending … Ravioli filled with cream and “mantecado” with Chocolate Clavileño rain

Café Mussetti

Bombones de Autor “Valor”
Mini tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”


White wine Laudum chardonnay
Red wine Miracle art
Espumoso de sauvignon blanc Queen of Kings brut nature

39 € (drinks included)
33 € (drinks not included)

Taberna Tres 14 by Pinet

To start, a bite to eat:

“Caldero Vilero” (fish stew) croquette
“Marinera” and pistachio false temaki
Shrimp omelette with a marine touch

Food and wine pairing: Vermut Fontalia or Estrella de Galicia Red Vintage beer

The Menu

Raya fish in brine with “torrijas de su pilpil”*
*Spanish style French toast with pilpil sauce

Onions filled with seafood and Uranoscopus Scaber loins
Garrofó de la cella (beans), turnip, “cansalà” and hake
Stewed cuttlefish, hummus of its juices and artichoke crunchy

Food and wine pairing: Carramimbre blanco

Of course, a rice:

“Socarrat”* octopus rice, roasted prawn, prawn emulsion and black garlic “all i oli”
* the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the paella

Food and wine pairing:Gurgu o Clos cor ví viognier


Merienda* Vilera (bread with chocolate)
*afternoon snack

Food and wine pairing: Moscatel de Teulada o Licor de Naranja

Bombones de autor “Valor”
Mini tableta “Marcos Tonda”
Porciones de chocolate con café “Chocolates Pérez”

37€ (drinks included)

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